Alaska Anchorage Mission Logo Gator Tumbler, 32oz


Product Description

Made with robust stainless steel, each of the custom-printed tumblers comes with a plastic drinking straw included.

The design on this logo is inspired by the Official State Seal of Alaska. As stated on the Alaska state government website: “The rays above the mountains represent the famous Alaskan northern lights, also known as aurora borealis. The smelter symbolizes mining, the train stands for Alaska’s rail transportation, and ships denote marine transportation. The trees symbolize Alaska’s wealth of timber and other forest products, and the farmer, his horse, and the three shocks of wheat portray Alaska’s agriculture. The fish and seals signify the importance of seafood to Alaska’s economy. Although road and air transportation, oil and gas and tourism have developed considerably since the Seal was designed in 1910, Alaska’s State Seal still represents the vast wealth, economy and incredible natural setting of the forty-ninth State.”

.: Materials: stainless steel bottle, black plastic screw-on cap
.: One size: 32oz (0.95l)
.: Double insulation construction
.: Inner plastic straw included
.: NB! Hand wash only

Alaska Anchorage MissionBags

Alaska Anchorage MissionBags

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3250 Strawberry Rd
Anchorage AK 99502
United States

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